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Who We Are

We are Nationally Accredited Mediators and also Nationally Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP).

We are Professional Mediators specialising in family law disputes, offering expertise in Family Law Parenting Mediation and Property Mediation, and Mediation for Estate and Will Disputes. 

Our Wise Mediators are highly experienced, so we can best help parties resolve their dispute, The Wise Way.

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What We Do

We are Online Mediators providing the convenience of
Online Mediation for dispute resolution across Australia
via our modern and securely encrypted
video-conferencing platform.

We can help you resolve your dispute in as little as 1 day* with mediation, so
you can get on with your lives and future, The Wise Way.

Save time, money, and stress by professionally mediating your problems,
The Wise Way, instead of costly endless litigation

A Wise Decision in Mediation

Let our Wise Mediators help you
resolve your dispute, The Wise Way.

Family Law Parenting Mediation

Family Law Parenting Mediation

We can help you both as parents to restore your co-parenting relationship, The Wise Way, by family law mediation, instead of going to court and spending lots of money, time and stress.

Family Law Property Mediation

We can help separated couples achieve a mutually agreed property settlement in
as little as 1 day, The Wise Way by mediation, instead of going to court.

Family Law Property Mediation
Estate Dispute Mediation

Estate Dispute Mediation

We can help you resolve your estate dispute, The Wise Way, in a peaceful and non-confrontational atmosphere of mediation, so you can begin to restore family relationships after the passing of a loved one.

Our Fast-Track Mediation Service

Need to sort out an
urgent parenting dispute?

We are professional Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners for family law parenting mediations. We can convene an urgent online parenting mediation within 5 business days*

*Conditions Apply – 5 days from date parties agree 
to mediate. Must be deemed a suitable matter for 
urgent parenting mediation via our fast-track mediation service.

Our Services

Delivery of Our
Mediation Services

Online Mediation

In Person Mediation

In Person Mediation


Our Wise Expertise

Why Choose WISE mediations

What Makes Wise Mediations

Modern Online Mediation Service

Our Modern Online
Family Law Mediation Service

Our Online Family Law Mediation Service is the modern way to mediate, it’s fast, secure and convenient.

We provide the convenience of mediation online, where we can video conference, share documents, electronically sign documents securely with PDF verified signatures

Our Wise
Document Drafting Service

We understand that when people reach an amicable agreement, they want it to be written down so they can formalise the settlement and make it legally binding.

At the conclusion of the mediation, if the parties have reached a mutual agreement,

The wise Mediations. We Understand

Let Wise Mediations show you a
better way to resolve your dispute,
The Wise Way.

“You don't have to litigate to resolve a dispute.”

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