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Online Mediation

Online Mediation. Online Mediators. The Wise Way

Mediating online is convenient and easy using our modern online video
conferencing platform.

The convenience of being able to do a private mediation from the privacy of your
own home is the modern way to mediate.

We offer Online Mediation across Australia, so regardless your location, you
can mediate securely online without the need to travel or to meet
the otherparty in person.

Online mediation saves you money and time, with no need to hire a venue
or travelling time and costs.

Our online family mediation services enables you to feel connected by videoconference,
the convenience of online sharing and signing electronic documents, without
having to be there in person with mediators.

How to Mediate Online

It’s easy to mediate online with Wise Mediations.

All you need for online mediation is either your desktop computer, laptop, iPad
or tablet, or even a smart phone, and a reliable internet connection.

online family mediation services

Online Mediation is Simple, Fast and Effective

Our virtual meeting rooms create an atmosphere that are both professional yet relaxed.

Virtual Break-Out Rooms

During our online mediation, our Wise Mediator will convene both joint sessions and
also private sessions with each party in our virtual mediation rooms.

Each party is placed in their own virtual private break-out room for the private
sessions with the mediator, so they can speak privately and confidentially with the
mediator. Our Wise Mediator will check in on how you are going during the
mediation, and help you formulate offers to resolve the dispute.


Our online mediation services creates a calm atmosphere so that our clients can
mediate their dispute in a non-confrontational way, and our Wise mediators
can help you resolve your dispute, the Wise Way.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Matt Wallenweg